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Emergency food packs

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What we are going to do now is look at emergency food ration packs. Now, this could be, you are working remotely, you might be working with overhead power lines in the middle of the countryside or up a mountain, you might be involved in outdoor pursuits, going on adventure holidays, things like that. And you need to have some kind of food rations that if there was an emergency, you have got some food because you are waiting for an air ambulance or emergency services to come to you. Or it may be that an accident has happened and you need to stay overnight where you are, so we are looking here at emergency rations, but these also could be used if you got in the car and you have a breakdown or in snowy weather or something like that, you can have one of these kits.

And then have very long shelf lives on these kits. They are designed to be food that you can eat over many, many years of shelf life. This particular kit here has about a five-year shelf life on it, but you can get foods which go up to 20 years shelf life. Now with all the products here, this is not like going to your average restaurant, they are not necessarily going to be nice food because in the way it is, it is pre-packed food, but this particular pack can make up a hot meal. So what we have got here is a chemical heat pack, so you can literally put this sachet here and it is all-day breakfast. When you feel the texture of it, it is just basically a stodge. I do not have a better word, but the actual heat pack will heat that up, so you can have a hot meal. So you pop that in and you leave it for a few minutes and that would just heat that pack up, so at least you have got some food that is near enough hot. Also, here there are a chocolate cake, which again is very good for giving you energy, there are biscuits, there are sweets.

Others here, some different drink powders to make water taste that little bit better. There is hot chocolate, sugar, tea, spoon so that you can, A, mix up a tea-type drink, but also the spoon you can use to eat this food with. And it all comes in a self-sealed bag, so you can then use the bag, eat what you need and also use that bag to put the rubbish in afterwards. So these kits here, come in lots of different flavours, you can get vegan versions of them as well but this particular pack here would be good for at least keeping you going for a day. It is very minimal rations, but if not, you can also always have two packs with you but there is always going to be a limit to how many of these you can carry with you. But if you are working as... Anything in a work environment or a first-response side, then this is a good thing to have with you just in case you cannot get access to food for any length of time.