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Emergency light sticks

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Now sometimes you might need to have lights and you want to have it in a remote location, or just carry some lights around that you do not need to worry about batteries for. Now, these emergency light sticks are ideal for that. It may well be that you are working somewhere where you have involved in an accident and you need to get lights or you are working in dark areas, you need emergency lighting. But also if you are dealing with a first aid emergency, having one of these chemical light sticks in your first aid kit can be a very good addition because they do not take up a lot of room. You do not need any maintenance on them and once you activate them, then they will light up for around about 12 hours. So it gives plenty of time to actually work with the patient you are dealing with.

And also if you are working in a remote location, then you can use these to light up the area, but also to show where you are. So you can have a few of them, you can wave them in the night to actually show the emergency services coming to you where you are. If you are working within major incident site, again, these could be useful for identifying, attract the people who need to go down to. So if you are going through rough area to get to a major incident, for example, train crash, something like that, you can use these by scattering them on the floor to indicate the safest method of a pathway down to the location where people need to get to. They usually always come in this type of foil wrapper and you literally just tear the end of it.

So to open it up, pull the light stick out and on here, you have got strings. So you can actually physically tie that onto something. Not all of them come with the string. But if you need to tie them up, for example, where you are going down to the emergency scene, you may well just hook it onto branches, or you can literally tie it up with the string, whatever you want. So inside the tube, you can just about in there, see that there's a yellow inside and there's also an outer layer of liquid. So what we need to do is mix the chemicals together. So to do that, you literally just twist it. So now that's basically broken the inside and straight away you see it, it's lit up. It's a chemical reaction. I just want to get a little bit more, get it faster. Just shake it a little bit more.

And now you have got yourself a nice bright light. I know we have wind studio lights here, but that is quite bright. And if you were just using these, out and about, then it's quite good and it's going to be seen from a long distance. If you are trying to attract the attention of helicopters or mountain rescue, if you had an accident in a remote location, you could have one or two of these and literally as you wave those through the air, then you will find that they will indicate you are or where you are very, very easily.